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TECNOGRIP Srl is a young and dynamic technical-commercial company founded in 1996 whose object is the design, production and distribution of fixing systems in the building industry.

Our systems are mainly used in the precast concrete industry for the anchoring of structural elements and also adopted by general contractors for fixing curtain walls and plant installation.

The aim of the company is client satisfaction and we achieve this through:

  • standard products ready on stock;
  • quick deliveries;
  • research and development of innovative solutions and resolution of individual enquiries;
  • improvement of service efficiency and in a specific way as regards to technical support.

Tecnogrip s.r.l. Via Collegno, 114 10091 Alpignano (TO) - C.C.I.A.A. di Torino - REA 853271 - P.IVA 07163460012 Cap. Soc. int. ver. €10.400,00