TECNOGRIP promotes a policy of attention to the needs of the client and thus applies a management quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 with the final intent to supply always better and more efficient products.

Testing and quality control

scarica il documento di certificazione qualitàWithin its production facilities TECNOGRIP has an experimental testing laboratory for the control of in coming materials and out going finished products. Besides the normal checking instruments there is a tension/compression testing machine in class 0.5 (UNI EN ISO 7500-1/2005) which is certified annually by a SIT calibration company.

The tension/compression testing machine is a necessary instrument for the development of new products and checking custom made solutions.

Maximum care is spent all through the process from purchasing to production in order to have a traceability of the materials used by
adopting a Production and Testing Programme.

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